OakBriars Merrylegs

We are pleased to present OakBriars Merrylegs                                    This summer,  OakBriar Hackneys had another elegant and stylish foal from our Celtic Hot Toddy, the dam of OakBriar Bristol Bailey.
This filly is by Hallmandale Ambers Pride (aka "JR"), a classically beautiful and big Hackney Horse stallion CO-owned by Panache Hackney Horses and ,SHALLOWMYRE JR is 24 years old, and the last of some very important Hackney genes.

  Merry has been                       SOLD to Margo Hill

       OakBriar Park wish them many happy years

     As always, we will keep you updated on their progress.

JR is a very dynamic, very classic Canadian-bred Hackney Horse stallion

Below is both of this years JR foals.

Click on link for Merrylegs’ pedigree  OakBriars Merrylegs

JR is the sire of this striking filly and the stunning colt OakBriars Genesis bred from Devonair’s dam.

We may have produced here at OakBriar, the only sireline link to the Hallmandale breeding in the world - a line of stately, tall and kind Hackney Horses tracing back to the best of English and Scottish bloodlines. Merrylegs is also with that same bloodline link. And with JR’s advancing age, so is his breeding days and they are certainly numbered.  Here is your change to own and breed your own Hackney History

    Merry’s sire             and                        dam

As you can see, Merry comes from some naturally gifted, talented, poised, and elegant stock.

Both sire and dam possess natural high action. These photos were taken with both barefooted and no artificial appliances.

Merry is for sale and will be an asset to any breeding program. Discounts to show homes. Asking $4,000.00       Merry’s two half brothers are also for sale.

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