OakBriars Lacy

     UPDATE 12/4/08

This year’s filly by OakBriar’s Stud RD Kohav is out of Native Jennifer Juniper and is a beautiful copy of her talented big sister OakBriars Elsa What a pair they would make. She already has that look at me attitude and will do well as a performance horse or as an elegant addition to anyone’s breeding program.


OakBriars Lacy aka Rhea has been sold to Tara Cicora in Renton Washington. Tara has plans to show her next year in the Hackney Horse In-Hand Classes held at C-Fair. We wish them both the best and will keep their progress posted here.

Rhea and Tara

Some of the best English and American bloodlines are brought together here in this special package. Open to all reasonable offers Lacy is for sale.    Sold

Lacy should mature to 15.3+ hands as all of Devon’s foals seem to make or exceed. She will have the rich bay coloring of her sire and dam and a well place small star.

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