OakBriars Genesis

Very recently, OakBriar Hackneys has had another elegant and BIG colt from our Native Jennifer Juniper, the dam of OakBriar Devonair.
This colt is by Hallmandale Ambers Pride (aka "JR"), a classically, beautiful and big Hackney Horse stallion CO-owned by Panache Hackney Horses and SHALLOWMYRE . JR is 24 years old and until now  was the last of this line. But with the arrival of this new colt he is now with a male heir to carry on the precious Hallmandale bloodlines.   And that new star is none other than our own                                 OakBriars Genesis

This colt is very correct and upright. He already demonstrates he has his damís wonderful disposition  courage and confidence.

We also see our efforts to produce another genetic gem fulfilled in this young guy. He shows his Hackney style and attributes.


         Sweet kisses from a friend.

                 Devon and son moving out

I do believe he will be every bit 16h. and more, he was 37" at the withers when born. Mom and Dad are both 15.3 and 16h. I am going to try to keep a monthly record and see if it tells me anything for fun. Not only is he handsome, he's very majestic even at this young age. I didn't think it possible to have a nicer colt than Devonair.............but...........

       Genesis meets the gang

   Jonny and Merrylegs

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