OakBriar is dedicated to the preservation of the Hackney and the gene pool diversity due to the rarity and diminutive group of bloodlines of the Hackney Horse. Our goal is to promote the correct variety of genes, which preserves the health, conformation, & traits that make the Hackney unique, brilliant and an exceptional show animal that will excel in a wide variety of riding and driving activities. This spectacular show harness animal, with his presence, athleticism, elegance, stamina & soundness is a product of many centuries of careful breeding

OakBriar Hackney Park

At OakBriar Hackney Park we are committed to the breeding, showing and promotion of the Hackney Horse. From our endeavors, we hope to provide a growing supply of quality Hackneys to the discriminating equine market. Located just outside Camas, WA and at the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge, we hope you can visit us at OakBriar Hackney Park.

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