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Honorary Librarian : Bill Canfield.  Thanks Bill for sharing the tremendous wealth of  history you’ve gathered over the years

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USA Hackney Horse Census

Canadian Hackney Horse Census

Finally finished the

UK Hackney Horse Census

the Pony connection

My thanks go out to Lynda Rivington, Philip Snelgrove, & Mickey from the AHHS office  for their generous time & help in these censuses

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Below are some influential Hackneys and their Progeny


Black Magic of Nork

Bobcaygeon Copper King

Buckley Courage


Craigweil Ballantrae

Dufferin Haven

Electra Parader


Hurstwood Consul

Hurstwood Superlative

Hurstwood Supremo

Marshland Shales

Matchless of Londesboro


Norfolks Reflection

Outwood Florescent




Southworth Swell

Walton Diplomat

Wreghitts Wildfire

Check out our NEW Hackneys in History photo album updated 4/7/10

Just added New Thoroughbreds in History &Hackneys in Art

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