Eve Progency

1921 at the National Horse Show at Madison Square Gardens in the Harness horse championship, Eve was second next to Animation who won for Loula Long Combs.

Eve is registered in Volume 7 of the AHHS stud book. She was a foundation stock mare registered by inspection...a prize winner in harness. Chestnut, snip, right fore coronet and both hind pasterns white. Foaled in 1907. Sire was Landsdowne 687 by Imp. Langton Performer II (271)                                               The Breeder was reported to be Byron Farley of LeRoy, NY when she was recorded by William H. Wanamaker, Jr. of Philadelphia, PA.

We now know that through exhausting research that she was bred by Stephen Clark who also bred Sauve her lesser famous pair mate. Clark lived in Batavia New York, never was a AHHS member and a small time breeder. He only showed his colts so therefor only registered them. It saved money to the poorer breeders of Hackneys if they only registered those they thought destine for the show ring and as a small operation that is what Mr. Clark did. Who would ever guess that the most exquisite and electrifying mare in the US would be bred by this unknown backyard breeder turning out one or two foals a year.