Dunroths Coalition



Coco sweeps the PPH driving Classes at C-Fair 2008

Photos below

Dunroths Coalition or Coco, came to us in 2004 and has captivated our hearts here at OakBriar. Coco is an all English bred aristocratic. Her sire is none other than the unrivaled Imported Forewood Niatross and her dam, the Imported Brookfield Country Lady. Niatross comes from a line of Champions on both sides of his pedigree. From the dazzling Hollyparks Whats Wanted on top to the exceptional multi-harness Champion, Outwood Florescent on the bottom. Brookfield Country Lady was the winner of the Yearling Fillies in Hand at the 110th Hackney Horse Society Show in Ardingly in June of 2000. She is the daughter of the Wentworth Benson and granddaughter of the Great Marden Goshawk

We plan to show Coco in the near future and carry on the winning traditions she has been bred from before she starts her breeding career. Look for her soon in the winners’ circle.

Coco has returned from Ed Murray’s in Wisconsin. Coco and Ed  turned heads and did an outstanding job at the Royal for being her FIRST show. Just look below and see her strut her stuff!

Coco has continued to show her wonderful loving nature and her elegant style that makes up her pedigree. Quick to learn, and happy to please. She will be a very influential part of the breeding goals here at OakBriar.

Coco is home now and will continue her show career with the Hackney Horse Pleasure Classes in the West.

Look for her in the winning circle.

Updating Coco’s progress!  Clean sweep at C-Fair 2008

Coco has now competed in the new Hackney Horse Pleasure Division and continues to show her versatility to handle many venues. She is very trackable and will soon be introduced to the Combined Driving event.

Again our many thanks to Terri Jones for the phenomenal job she has done with Coco and with the other Hackneys at OakBriar. We couldn’t be more pleased and the blue medallions speak for themselves! Contact her for all your training needs.

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