Dawn and Dev

Dawn reports............

I had to tell you what Devís trainer, Cara said about him today. Cara Blanchard is a young trainer, 23. Apparently all she talks about to her parents are the horses and the latest buzz word has been Devonair. This is so common that Caraís parents asked her who she was engaged to,..Devonair or Blake?  I warned Blake today that he had competition. lol

These two really have connected. This first show we will be taking Devonair into Intro A & B and from that point forward watch out. Cara was already talking FEI today!

Cara and Dev are scheduled to go to his first dressage schooling show on January 31st. We will be sure to share their progress!      You can see more about Cara at Cara Blanchard Training

Dev and Dawn report on their first show! read story here.

A BIG congratulations to Dawn, Cara and OakBriar Devonair! Check out their YouTube watch-v=7Qe6z9367pY

Photos below taken by Blake Huey

Photos below taken by Gary Cline with eQuine Shots

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