Celtic Hot Toddy

Celtic Hot Toddy came to OakBriar several years ago and is the first half of our foundation mares. She was bred by Celtic Cross Farms, Ma. Toddy & her bloodlines uphold the outstanding character and qualities that long have been the hallmark of  the Hackney Horse.                          She is from a long line of Hackney greats.

Toddy's family photos

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Toddy is by Wentworth Sylvester ( by Marden Goshawk  < a Solitude son out of Nork Merlin >) out of Brook Acres Silvette < a Walton Searchlight daughter out of Fernbank Silver Queen>)  & Reflections Lady Victoria ( by Norfolks Reflection < a Norfolk Spotlight son out of Comets Dainty Lady > ) out of Boulders Lady < a Electra Parader daughter > out of < Footlights Black Satin >)  Toddy has some 5 crosses to Buckley Courage through the Mersey Searchlight lines. She also goes back to Polonius through the careful breeding of the Westfield stock & has passed these qualities to her foals

Toddy with her first foal        OakBriars Bristol Bailey

Bailey is offered for sale and can be seen at   OakBriar Bristol Bailey

                   Toddy’s progeny

                               Toddy                                                        Merry                                                 Bailey

Toddy bringing back her early training has now started her second career as an outstanding show Hackney

Toddy goes on to win the first official Hackney Horse Pleasure Division Working class held at the USEF C-Fair Charity Horse Show in Monroe, Washington in  2007

Toddy takes the second place red to our very own Brooklawn’s Country Rose in the Hackney Horse Mare and Filly In-Hand Class under the expert guidance of Marissa Hill

Then in 2008 her Son OakBriar Bristol Bailey bests the Dame In the Pleasure Hackney Horse Country Pleasure Class as Toddy comes in a close second. Jan and Toddy come in second to OakBriar’s Dunroth Coalition in the Pleasure Hackney Horse driving division.

Toddy was showing again in 2008 She has fulfilled her role as an essential part of OakBriar’s breeding program as her son has gone on to win in both the Hackney Sport and the Park divisions . Look for more great things from both her and Bailey!

Toddy has continued to do well in the driving as well as the Park ridden classes.

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